The Vision

Welcome to Bru Apothecary - a magickal botanical wellness boutique for healing and restoration. This is an intuitive and communal space for reclaiming wholeness - mind, body, and spirit. Our artisan teas and tonics are infused with ancestral alchemy. Our mission is to create access to key sources of health and vitality.

In short, this is kitchen medicine. We believe everyone should have the essential tools for plant-based wellness in their home. Bru Apothecary products are hand-crafted in Buffalo, NY by community herbalist Nnenna Ferguson.

Herbalism can and should be accessible to all human beings. Communing with the plants is integral to our survival and prosperity. Every offering in this boutique has been crafted and curated with intention and guidance. Enjoy!


It began with a prayer.

I asked to be a maker, to help my community, to provide for my family. Rejecting feelings of helplessness in the middle of a global crisis I turned to my ancestors buried in the soil. They led me to the Buffalo River, where ancient herbal galaxies collide amongst the silos. Where the flowers dance along the riverbank and chant sacred melodies for the heart.

- Nnenna